Vest Solutions

Managed accounts
Mutual funds

An Investment Solution for Investment Advisors

Get exposure to broad-market indices with a degree of protection, hedge an existing position, or protect your client’s portfolio against extreme downturns.

We work alongside you to deliver Vest strategies directly in your clients’ accounts.

Vest Strategies Packaged into Products:

CBOE VEST S&P 500® Buffer Protect Strategy Fund

Seeks to protect against some downside losses while still participating in potential upside gains

CBOE Vest Defined Distribution Strategy Fund (COMING SOON)

Seeks to generate consistent periodic distributions for shareholders while preserving capital over the long term.

A Technology Solution for Brokerage Firms

A technology solution to market, sell and support option strategies for your clients.

An intuitive interface that simplifies protection, income and leverage option-strategies for a broad spectrum of investors – spanning from option experts to those with limited experience.

Access our technology in the cloud or integrate into your trading applications.

Vest Difference


Add downside protection to your service offering and differentiate yourself in a robo-world


Pick from a variety of VEST solutions or build your own portfolio strategy


Volatile markets? Don’t panic or try to time the market. Protected investments help you weather the storm and keep your assets stable.

  Save time

Let Vest manage strategies, so that you can focus on things that matter.

We are Vest

Vest is an asset management and technology company that is majority owned by the Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

Through its two lines of business, Vest Financial and Vest Technologies, Vest is dedicated to serving investment advisors and brokerage firms in bringing wider access to innovative target outcome investment strategies.

Our team consists of experts with decades of experience in building target outcome investments. We are dedicated to bringing institutional quality risk management solutions to a diverse spectrum of investors.